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At BGW, we are committed to the promotion of three fundamental concepts: pro bono, diversity and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In our pro bono practice, we seek to contribute in an active way for the benefit of vulnerable institutions, organizations and individuals who require quality legal assistance.

Being a lawyer carries the responsibility of making the justice system and process available free of charge to those with limited opportunities.

BGW lawyers actively participate in and donate our time and talent to several non-profit associations whose objective is to support causes that benefit the vulnerable sectors.

Diversity is also fundamental to the members of this Firm.

We firmly believe that all human beings should have and enjoy the same rights.

At BGW we reject discrimination and we encourage diversity in different areas, including: religion, gender, nationality, race and socioeconomic level among others.

BGW seeks to be an agent of change through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) actions, through which we make a positive contribution to our society.

This is a commitment to our work team, our clients and suppliers.